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Big Boat Sail: April 2

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For all those intrested on going to the big boat sail this Saturday, April 2, here’s the information you’ll need to know:

  • We will be meeting by the scout house at 0900 Saturday morning. The scout house is located behind the Foundry Methodist church (8350 Jones Road)
  • Prepare to spend the night, so bring sleeping bag, night time things ect…
  • Please bring 15$ to pay for the food that we will be eating, Kim’s going to buy all the food, so give it to her.
  • Bring a lunch for saturday, but that’s the only food you’ll need to bring.
  • Check the weather the night before so that you’re prepared for anything mother nature might throw our way.

That’s all! Thanks and have fun!


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March 29, 2011 at 17:03

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Safety at Sea

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The 2010 safety at sea was both educational ans tons of fun. We drove down to Galveston at 6 (in the morning!) to the coast guard base. As soon as we got there the fun began. First we were off to Skipjack, a live in boat that goes around

Safety at Sea was SO MUCH FUN!

Onboard Skipjack

making sure that all the fishing boats that are out have there papers in order. Next, we got to set off flares, which is really amazing a scary at the same time because your basically holding fire. Soon after we moseyed on over to the fire hose station. After teaming up we were each able to take a whack at a fire hose. Personally, I think we did rather well

Eva and Andy using a firehose

Eva and Andy. Eva was being support while Andy was being the main hose holder

considering it was many of our first times and we all were able to hit the target. Right after a delicious lunch ( amazing hamburgers provided by the coast guard) we went to the gun simulation. Now this was many of our favorites because who doesn’t love shooting guns? (even if they were fake) The simulation was actually similar to a video game except the guns were very nearly real, one even had a air pressure kick back that was added to it. All in all it was a great day. We all had a ton of fun, and we all learned about how to be safer at sea.

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November 15, 2010 at 19:44

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