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We love to sail.

Minutes for Febuary 14, 2011

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1935: rang bell; pledge of allegiance

1939: discussed old business

  • Boat work day replaced the port windows on Cork. Youth attendants were: An, Brandon, Alexx, and Courtney. Adult attendants were: Mr. Houghton, Mrs. Houghton, Mr. Nosser, Ms. Bryant

1945: safety Topic – why we wear safety goggles

1950: New business

  • Mardi Gras parade 3/5-6
  • Garage sale at Traders Village 3/12-13
  • Ides of March/ Birthday sail 3/19-20
  • Trash Bash 3/26
  • Big boat sail 4/2
  • Scout Fair 4/16
  • Small Boat sail 4/23
  • LONG SAIL- June 11-18 2011

1956: Celebrated Valintines Day!- Kim brought cookies!

2002: Program- reviewed how to get the latitude and longitude of an object

  • Cameron found the latitude and logitude of a marker
  • Courtney plotted a three point course
  • Everyone else reviewed the course, and Kim explained the basics of plotting a course
  • Explained the difference between true, magnetic, and compass headings
  • explained the basic properties of a map.

2048: Skippers miniute

  • Disscussed the boat work day on 2/19

2051: closing


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