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2010 Long Sail Options Redux

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 Since the last Long  Sail post, there have been many other suggestions of possible destinations. The complete list of proposed long sail ideas include: Padre Island, Mobile AL, Canyon Lake, and the Ouachita Lakes in Oklahoma and Arkansas. However, we have been advised that we don’t travel more than 400 miles. So that narrows down the choices to Canyon Lake (190 mi away) and Padre Island (270 mi).

I’ve included a poll at the end of this post to gauge general interest, and perhaps, if there are enough votes to travel more than 400 mi, there might be a reconsideration.

Canyon Lake (New Braunfels, TX)

As for Canyon Lake’s pro’s, it is the shortest drive of any of the destination ideas. There are many campgrounds to choose from that include the usual restrooms and showers and on site water spicket and even electrical outlet. Also, there are many other things to do there in case we can’t/don’t go sailing on the lake one day. Things such as SCHLITTERBAHN and other attractions in New Braunfels.

However, Canyon Lake is just like any typical hill-country lake. This means it will most likely be very hot in the summer (albeit early summer; remember we’re going in June) and, although I haven’t found any evidence regarding this, might not have perfectly consistent wind. Think of Lake Travis to get an idea of what it might feel like.


Padre Island

North Padre was suggested because of the beautiful beaches and the idea of sailing on the open-ocean, rather than in protected water ways with which we are so accustomed.

However, the last time we tried that (on 2008’s Long Sail) it did not go so well. In 2008 we stayed on Galveston Island with the intention of sailing sunfish everyday on the ocean. In addition to exposing me (I have no idea how others felt about it) to my open-ocean related phobias:

 …it was also nearly impossible to do. According to the log of Long Sail 2008, the first day we tried, it was “[too] difficult to get sunfish into the ocean.” The next day was “another day too strong for our small boats.” And all subsequent days were “still [too] harsh.”

Luckily, at that time, we had the option of sailing on Lake Como located five minutes away on the protected side of Galveston Island. On the other side of Padre Island is the protected, “hypersaline” Laguna Madre. I haven’t found anything that mentions small boat sailing on the Laguna, but I do know that swimming and windsurfing are among its popular activities, so sailing there shouldn’t be that out of the question.

Another issue is that most of the campsites are designed mainly for RV-style camping and offer detailed reports of dump stations, water refill stations, and paved sites close to the water, but don’t provide as much information regarding the tent camping amenities. Only one campground I found, the Malaquite Campground, offers restrooms and “rinse showers.”

More Information:

For Padre Island I came up with this plan: stay at (A) the Malaquite Campground (because its right on the coast and has restrooms). If the ocean conditions are too strong for some reason, we go down that Bird Island Basin Rd. to sail on the more protected Laguna Madre. (see map below)

We shall discuss these options at the Quarterdeck Meeting and vote on them at the Monday meeting. I apologize for not getting this out sooner, but take the poll and tell us which one you want to go to. Remember this poll is only to gauge general interest and will not be used to decide where we’re going for Long Sail. We will take an official vote on Monday.


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