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Racing Practice Feb 20

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Saturday, February 20th, was the first Dinghy Racing Practice of the year. Two Laser 2’s were used, provided by Ship 468, instead of our usual Lido 14’s. A windward-leeward course was set up on Clear Lake using Piewackett as the starting line committee boat. 

For some, the practice was a first time experience of racing small boats, while for others, the sail was an opportunity to prepare for 2010’s William I. Koch International Sea Scout Cup, a major sailing regatta being held this summer in Connecticut. 

The attendees, Eva, Nick, Sofia, Grayson, Alexx, Zach, Jack, and Kelly, took turns either sailing as skipper or crew in the mock races, or helping administer the races from Piewackett with Mr. Blackerby, Mrs. Bryant, and the Blackerby’s sailing canine, Rio. 

doggie!!!! (bottom left)

During the starting sequence of one race, the two boats approached the starting line close to the committee boat side. The crew closest to the committee boat felt that it was not given enough room by the other competing vessel and shouted “Mark-Room!” After the race, there was uncertainty about what the rules concerning mark roundings actually entailed and whether any rules would have actually been broken (had this been a real race). After reviewing the official racing rules handbook, I found that Rule 18.2 states: 

“18.2 Giving Mark-Room 

(a) When boats are overlapped the outside boat shall give 

The inside boat mark-room, unless rule 18.2(b) applies. 

(b) If boats are overlapped when the first of them reaches 

the zone, the outside boat at that moment shall thereafter 

give the inside boat mark-room. If a boat is clear ahead 

when she reaches the zone, the boat clear astern at that 

moment shall thereafter give her mark-room. 

(c) When a boat is required to give mark-room by rule 

18.2(b), she shall continue to do so even if later an 

overlap is broken or a new overlap begins. However,  

if either boat passes head to wind or if the boat entitled 

to mark-room leaves the zone, rule 18.2(b) ceases to apply.  

(d) If there is reasonable doubt that a boat obtained or 

broke an overlap in time, it shall be presumed that she 

did not. 

(e) If a boat obtained an inside overlap from clear astern 

and, from the time the overlap began, the outside boat has 

been unable to give mark-room, she is not required 

to give it.” 

*However, it has been brought to my attention (see comments) that this rule doesn’t apply at the starting line of a race. So neither of the boats had to give the other mark room.*

 You can find the full, current edition racing rules on the web. I can’t really link to it, but you can find it if you search: “ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing 2009-2012” It’s long, but I suggest looking at pages 2-3, which show all of the start sequence flags, and 13-33, which detail the most common rules. (Did anyone else find it weird that they still refer to boats as “she’s”?)

At the end of the practice, Piewackett raised and stowed its anchor, retrieved the giant, orange windward mark, and followed the two Lasers back to Lakewood marina. While de-rigging the two Laser 2’s, the end of one of the boats’ main halyard (which was not secured and did not have a stopper knot) was accidently pulled into the mast, where it could not be retrieved. Part of the following Monday meeting was spent rethreading the halyard through the mast. Now that the Laser 2 mast is good as new, it is ready to be returned to Ship 468. The next racing practice will be held on March 20th and we expect to use the Lido 14’s. 

Also, for those of you who came to the practice, remember to bring some money to the Monday meeting to pay Mr. Blackerby and Mrs. Bryant for Saturday’s pizza dinner. Thanks to Mr. Blackerby for providing all of the photos.

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February 27, 2010 at 15:28

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  1. Well done!
    There is a set of simplified rules you might want to use : you can download them using this link:

    As for the competitor who asked for mark room and your subsequent use of rule 18.2, please be aware that this particular rule is switched OFF when you approach to start. Please read the introduction to Section C.

    Boats are considered ‘female’ and have been throughout maritime history. (Perhaps because they were mostly sailed by men?:-)

    Good luck with your next practice race!


    February 28, 2010 at 02:36

    • Thank you so much!
      A lot of us are just getting started with small boat racing and this information was really helpful.
      And thanks for letting me know that rule 18.2 doesn’t apply at the start. We’ll definitely keep that in mind at our next practice!


      March 2, 2010 at 19:09

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