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Sea Scout Academy Jan 16-18

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Attendees: Kim, Alexx, Grayson, and Nick

Ships from all over the council gathered at the Sea Scout Academy, which was held over the three day weekend January 16-18 at Camp Mohawk.

Those who attended stayed in cabins, met sea scouts from other ships, and learned the skills and requirements taught in one of the many advancement tracks. These included tracks for each of the ranks and one designed for sea scouts planning on going to SEAL.

The Apprentice Track, included a day sail in which the participants learned the basics of big boat sailing. “I learned how to sail and steer a boat,” reported Grayson.

The concensus seems to be that Sea Scout Academy was really fun, really cold, and did a great job of teaching sea scouts the skills and requirements needed for advancing through the ranks.


More Pictures:

Adorable Minature Groundtackle

Learning About Big Boat Sailing

Okay, so these last two pictures aren’t of our ship, but show some of the cool happenings of Sea Scout Academy.



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